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  • Krissy Simpson

Meaning in Your Decor

When choosing the perfect pieces for your spaces not everything can be found from a big box store. This table may seem a little out of place to some, but for me it’s right where it should be. Let me tell you about my “Meme,” my grandmother. She was such a beauty, a personality everyone adored, and a style like no other. Many say I remind them of her, although I know I’m not near the strong woman that she was. However, I am never without my lipgloss nor was she her lipstick, and oh how I love my accessories just as did she. She had the perfect pair of earrings to coordinate with each outfit even if it meant having 10 shades of red. When she passed away we realized she had gone around her home and labeled underneath or behind many items a family members name. It was such a special thing that brought both laughter and tears through our pain. She was always thinking ahead and of others. Meme was a hard worker and single most of her life, despite the many proposals. She took pride in what she had accomplished for herself, and this antique table was one of her prize possessions. How lucky was I, when I discovered it was my name labeled underneath it. When you are making your house a home, it goes past just what appeases the eye, but also the meaningful things that bring you joy. There isn’t a day I don’t walk past this table, and in just a glimpse I smile and remember her. Choose things that bring a smile to your face and happiness in your heart to complete your home. If you struggle with putting all the pieces together, that’s what I’m here for. I would love to help you achieve both beauty and meaning to your space.

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