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  • Krissy Simpson

What Rugs can Bring to a Space

Over the next few weeks I’m going be covering many methods of layering in a room. Each layer brings a different aspect to the space that gives your room a completed, well thought out look.

Today, I will be talking about rugs and all the many shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Your possibilities are endless! Why do you need a rug? Where should you use a rug? These are questions a lot of people ask, and are not quite sure where or what size or style they should use in a space.

A rug can bring brightness to a dark space. If you have a room

that doesn’t get much natural light, or you have darker furniture but aren’t financially able to replace it all….Add a rug! Bringing in a bright color, a light neutral, or a fun pattern can bring light to a darkened space.

What if you have dated floors that you don’t love, or your kid knocked over a vase and scratched the hardwoods? I’ve been there and have the scratch to prove it! Refinishing hardwoods or replacing an entire room of flooring isn’t always the best option for people. Add a rug! Hide that dated flooring. What scratch? Not only will adding the rug help disguise the space you are displeased with, it will add beauty and texture to the area. The room you hoped guest didn’t see is now a space they may walk away remembering for its beauty.

What if you have a large open concept home? While it is definitely a floor plan that is ideal to many homeowners, how do you divide the space to create separate living areas? Here a rug, there a rug, everywhere a rug! Bringing in rugs will define each space. A large rug in the living area will anchor the room and it’s furniture. Adding a beautiful colored rug in your kitchen under the dining table will set this space apart.

Layering rugs is a fun way to create dimension and texture to a room. Maybe that beautiful rug you have been eyeing for months will never go on sale. Find a larger, cheaper rug that would work well with it, and purchase your rug crush in a smaller dimension that meets your budget. You not only get the rug you love, but have made a creative space that brings beauty and dimension.

Comfort is one of the most important things in a home. This is the place you come home to after a long day at work, spend time with your families, and enjoy an afternoon nap. A rug can soften

the floor where your baby plays. It can add comfort to your feet after standing all day or finishing that workout. Make your space comfortable with a rug that meets both beauty and solace.

As you can see, rugs bring both beauty and function to any space. Do you need help with what style or dimension? Does your space need a rug? Let me help you with all your rug questions.

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